Topic: Awe being an evolutionary trait

jped | What is the Meaning and Purpose of Life? | Total Comments: 2 | Posted: 07/12/16 at 12:07:14 | return to essay

            The feeling of awe that is discussed in this essay is beautiful when experienced. However, whenever I experience it I can not help myself to feel that it could just be some evolutionary trait- something fake.
A lot of scientist will call love and evolutionary trait. They will say it is just something that came into being because it was beneficial for the survival of children.

How do you guys deal with that? 


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Date: 07/21/16 at 16:22:27

							So what if it's an evolutionary trait?
Date: 07/22/16 at 01:01:55

						Than it has no meaning in it. Say the feeling that I have that there is something greater in this world or that there is meaning is just an evolutionary trait to keep us reproducing (somehow). Than the actual feeling is just a side-effect. Nothing more. 

It has always been hard for me to trust my feelings. Are they real or is it just all a facade? What I am trying to see if there is a way to actually dig into these feelings.