Topic: Classifying Heschel

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            Would not his tome on תורה מן השמים place him firmly on the fringe of orthodoxy or beyond? I only glanced at it briefly, and it seemed to be mostly a ליקוט of מאמרי חז"ל and other traditional מקורות (with plenty of analysis presumably), but the role of the מלקט is not a passive one. Raising the question to that extent surely is enough to classify him.


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Date: 03/09/17 at 10:46:40

							There are streams of non-orthodoxy that believe in the Torah being given by God so I'm not sure that would be enough to classify him as orthodox. I do agree though that he as a private person was definitely orthodox but I think she to how he is perceived by a lot of the orthodox world, it might be hard to put him in any other category than this one.