mkMK commented: What's a "cheap knock-off of true free will"? on Choose Life - Free Will on 2016-07-12 13:24:21.218900

mkMK commented: RE: Food for Thought: I think that the Torah itself provides us with a way to get both trees to work together. It says later on that God placed a "cherub" and a "fiery, revolving sword" to guard the path to the tree of life. Cherubs are always used in reference to the Torah (the ark of the covenant, the mishkan, etc) so it seems to me that it represents the Torah and everything that comes along with it (mitzvot). The fiery, revolving sword seems to me to represent something constant (since it's constantly revolving around) and dangerous at the same time. To me, this represents like the sun and by extension, all of nature. So the way to merge these two trees or at least to find our way back to the tree of life is to live with the cherub - Torah - as well as within the natural world - fiery, revolving sword. Only that way can we attempt to reach the tree of life. on Adam and Eve - Where are You? on 2016-07-07 15:38:37.709130