freaky-sepia-goat commented: Yahweh is an inhale and an exhale, you breath in yah and you exhale weh try it out with other words it doesn’t work. Now I understand why This was an excellent read thank you for your contribution to the wisdom in Christ I was truly perplexed by the soul but now I’m thinking neshama (the gift) nefesh (gift received) ruach means spirit over nefesh? Do I understand these attributes correctly? You said neshama means coming from the outside, but if coming from out has an identity then coming in has to have a name also and nefesh as it is at rest in the body like it’s settled or asleep not moving not animated and ruach is animated but under an influence. So it’s something you received from God directly and it’s stirred up by God in you. God moves us by his power there is no free will you can’t act contrary to how God wants you to act because it’s his breath in you and his spirit that moves you the only control you have is to believe or disbelieve. Oh that breath coming in is it God? or another? Wow it really humbles the mind to think our soul is not our own yet we lay claim to it and others try to take it from us. on The Neshama – Breath or Soul? on 2022-02-09 22:26:26.719018